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Fighting Deportation by Asking for Asylum - Houston Immigration Removal Lawyers

A Family’s Guide to Deportation in the U.S.

Deportation, which is officially called removal, is a serious process that can result in a person’s permanent removal from the United States. There are several reasons a person may be deported – but in some cases, there are ways to work through the legal system and avoid removal. For many people who have been targeted…

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H-1B Visas- An Immigration Guide For Small Businesses

H-1B Visas: An Immigration Guide For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’re always on the lookout for highly qualified help – people who can propel your company forward. But what if you’re just not finding those job candidates here, in the U.S.? In some cases, small businesses can hire their ideal candidates from outside the U.S. using the H-1B visa program.…

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