Expedited Removal

What is Expedited Removal?

What is Expedited Removal? Among the hundreds of thousands who are deported from the United States (U.S.) each year, many are removed via a process called “Expedited Removal.” While some people may understand what this process is, others may be a little more confused. This article aims to review some basic information about expedited removal.…

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Detained Family Member

How to Find a Detained Family Member

How to Find a Detained Family Member Detainment separates families and can devastate lives. In 2017, the federal government detained around 38,000 people each day. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known more often as ICE, provides a way to locate detainees within its custody via its Online Detainee Locator System (ODLS). Unfortunately, this process is…

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Immigration Detention

Immigration Detention Across America

Immigration Detention Across America The United States (U.S.), quite literally, found its true self as a melting pot full of immigrants from all over the globe. Throughout its history, people have found safe harbor and economic success in America. It is this “American Dream” that keeps people around the world dreaming of a better life,…

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Fighting Deportation by Asking for Asylum - Houston Immigration Removal Lawyers

A Family’s Guide to Deportation in the U.S.

Deportation, which is officially called removal, is a serious process that can result in a person’s permanent removal from the United States. There are several reasons a person may be deported – but in some cases, there are ways to work through the legal system and avoid removal. For many people who have been targeted…

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