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Immigration Detention

Immigration Detention Across America

Immigration Detention Across America The United States (U.S.), quite literally, found its true self as a melting pot full of immigrants from all over the globe. Throughout its history, people have found safe harbor and economic success in America. It is this “American Dream” that keeps people around the world dreaming of a better life,…

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K-1 Nonimmigrant Visa

What is a K-1 Nonimmigrant Visa and Who Can Apply?

What is a K-1 Nonimmigrant Visa and Who Can Apply? The United States (US) offers a variety of visas to those wishing to enter the country and eventually gain lawful permanent resident (LPR) status. LPR status holders receive green cards that allow them to stay in the US permanently and can lead to naturalization. To…

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Garry Daivs | Immigration Attorney | Davis & Associates

What is the New I-601A?

Introduction and History of the I-601A There are situations in which a person with a US citizen or permanent resident relative can be sponsored for permanent residence but cannot obtain that permanent resident status here in the US. If a person who has been sponsored for permanent residence by a family member has lived in…

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