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Green Card Facts

5 Green Card Facts You May Not Know

5 Green Card Facts You May Not Know For decades, green cards have remained an essential part of U.S. immigration. They allow millions of people to lawfully immigrate and live in the United States, building lives and growing families in America. Also known as “lawful permanent residents,” green card holders constitute a significant portion of…

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3 Ways To Get A Green Card Sponsorship

3 Ways to Get A Green Card Sponsorship

Obligations of Green Card Sponsorship Getting Green Card sponsorship for long-term residency in the United States is a crucial objective for a lot of foreign-born people and households. Green Card status is a significant action towards attaining U.S. citizenship. In almost every circumstance, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) expects that immigrants looking…

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What is a Green Card?

The term green card is used regularly in the United States, but I often wonder how many people understand what it signifies. Green card is a colloquialism for what is really called lawful permanent resident or LPR status in U.S. immigration law. A person having LPR status has the right to permanently reside in the…

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What is the New I-601A?

Introduction and History of the I-601A There are situations in which a person with a US citizen or permanent resident relative can be sponsored for permanent residence but cannot obtain that permanent resident status here in the US. If a person who has been sponsored for permanent residence by a family member has lived in…

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