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Ask Garry: Insight Into President Trump’s Immigration Policy

By Davis & Associates | May 25, 2018

Just recently, Davis & Associates’ lead lawyer, Garry Davis, wrote a post to be published by over President Trump’s Immigration Policy. Check out a copy of the short article below: Since being sworn into office, President Trump made significant changes to immigration policy and law in the U.S. Of particular note are the Deferred…

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Is Your Houston Business Immigration Compliant?

By Davis & Associates | February 16, 2018

The Trump administration has made it a priority to enforce immigration laws and deter illegal immigration.  Using executive orders and directing agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement on how to enforce these immigration laws, it is this administration’s mission to stop illegal immigration.  But it’s not only the illegal immigrants that are breaking the…

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5 Things to Know About Family Immigration Law

By Davis & Associates | December 15, 2017

U.S. citizens and permanent residents can file petitions for visas for certain family members.  The amount of time it takes to receive a family immigration visa in Houston depends on the petitioner and the type of family member.  This will also determine which applications to submit.   1. What are family visas? There are two…

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Do I Qualify for Naturalization in Houston?

By Davis & Associates | November 25, 2017

Naturalization is the process in which immigrants can become U.S. citizens.  In order to obtain U.S. citizenship, a foreign national must meet certain requirements set out in the Immigration and Nationality Act. Because this process can be detailed and complex, an immigration attorney in Houston can be beneficial to assist through the naturalization process.  …

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Ask Garry Davis and Associates Houston Immigration Attorney

Introduction to the Employment Creation Visa (EB-5)

By Davis & Associates | October 24, 2017

High net worth individuals who would like to immigrate to the US on a permanent basis may get approved for permanent resident status through investment. The program that allows for this is called the EB-5, or the Employment Creation Visa. Since this type of Business Immigration Visa may be new to you, we should dig…

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Davis and Associates Houston Immigration Attorney

What is a H-1B visa?

By Davis & Associates | October 3, 2017

The Challenge Of H-1B Visas In our Houston Immigration Law practice, we are often asked the question, “How can I get a work visa?” Technically, there is no such thing as a basic visa to work in the US. Each visa classification is for a specific purpose, specifically studying (F-1, M-1, J-1), tourism (B-2), to…

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Ask Garry Davis and Associates Houston Immigration Attorney

What is Political Asylum in the US?

By Davis & Associates | September 9, 2017

Political asylum is an application approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an agency in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), that permits an applicant to seek protection from persecution in their country of nationality. To be validated: That the application has been filed within one year of entry into the United States…

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Davis and Associates Houston Immigration Attorney

What is a Green Card?

By Davis & Associates | September 2, 2017

The term green card is used regularly in the United States, but I often wonder how many people understand what it signifies. Green card is a colloquialism for what is really called lawful permanent resident or LPR status in U.S. immigration law. A person having LPR status has the right to permanently reside in the…

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An Alphabet Soup of Temporary Visas

By Davis & Associates | August 26, 2017

What Is A “Visa”? When people hear that word, they think it is a person’s permit to be in a country. Under U.S. immigration law, “visa” is a technical term that refers to a record stamped into a person’s passport that allows the individual to seek entrance into the United States for a specific purpose.…

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Garry Daivs | Immigration Attorney | Davis & Associates

Immigration Policy – What If There Is No Line?

By Davis & Associates | August 20, 2017

Recently, I was listening to a talk radio program in which immigration was discussed. The gist of the discussion was responding to the question, “Why don’t illegal immigrants just get in line?” The point the host was making was that if those wanting to immigrate to the United States would just get in line and…

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